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In this post we will address how to address emails wiehn you get "Actions Due For ..." email on leads that you already did the work.
Most common types of leads that a dealership will use are
  • Internet Lead
  • Phone Lead
  • Walk In
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It has been observed that the effective application of most of the CRMs is a complex process.  As a result, regardless of their experience and skill, all types of users struggle to learn using them. 

CRMs deliver a number of features and benefits that are extremely critical for the sales managers. This includes centralized management of customer account, and tracking and reporting off sales opportunities.   In most of the cases, the management wants all their sales representatives to utilize the CRM for receiving essential information relating to the customers and analytics relating to the sales cycle. However, many sales representatives consider this process to be a wasteful practice because there is almost no return for them on the entry time invested
Learn how easy it is to include vehicle specific information on your lead follow ups
Our goal is to help you build your plan, and monitor how your team is executing the plan you put in place.

By focusing on the core aspects of prospect and customer management, we avoid unnecessary complexities that other CRMs have introduced over the years.
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Do you want only your managers to be able to verify appointments?
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Simple ILM was built with you the dealer in mind. We made it simple enough for the independent dealer to be able to use and yet powerfull enough for large dealerships.
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