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Add a Lead in Simple Auto CRM

How To Add A Phone Up

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How to add a new phone up log into your account click on leads, new lead. On the workflow, select phone up in this case I'm going to call the customer mr. P since they declined to give me their names. However, I was able to get their phone number which is on 954-954-999 of course it was a made-up number and they did also give us there an email which was They declined to give us your full address and date-of-birth. We do want to specify know the source in this case its a phone up and hit save and that's all you need to do to log a phone up.

How To Add A Walk In.

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To log a walk-in, log into your account, once you're logged into your account click on leads new lead. In this case I'm going to pick the workflow for ‘walk in’ and call this Mr. W, in this case they declined to give us their phone number, but they gave us their email is They declined to give us their address and date of birth but of course you know they do tell us what their preferences and that they came in from a direct-mail. You want to specify this so you can better understand how to spend your marketing budget. Click save, it will add this lead. Go into mr. W and specify the purpose of their current visit with it which in this case would be a used car and I'm going to say you will see what that does is it also adds mr. W on my desk log.

How To Add An Internet Lead

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With Simple Auto CRM we pool leads from your internet providers however if you have a lead provider that we did not automatically pull leads from You are able to log in and manually into the system to do that log into your account click on leads, new lead in this page on the workflow click internet lead in this case she already got the customer's name and email you did not get their phone number so simply log their information in and you did not get their address so you can skip that. You could choose other since you know it's not a standard internet lead however if you were tracking that lead provider separately would just click them and click save and that's how you add a internet lead
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