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With changing times, the conventional advertisement platforms such as radio and newspaper have become costlier and almost ineffective for the auto dealerships.  As a result, the dealerships are now required to explore alternative avenues that consistently attract the potential customers to their showrooms and service stations.  The Business Development Centers (BDC) of the dealerships are created with the purpose of identification of its assets, building a loyal pool of customers, and development of sales related initiatives that lead to revenue maximization.
The BDC functionality of Simple Auto CRM allows the dealerships to focus on different sales initiatives initiated from multiple sources. This includes the dealership’s existing customer base, and traffic generated from phone, the showroom of the dealerships, and the internet. This entire process is supported completely by our Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Software. This business development solution has been designed to help your dealership’s sales, service, and contact centers to function synergistically, resulting in new business opportunities and enhanced customer satisfaction for the dealership.
Most important features and advantages:
  • Daily work plans electronically and in paper.
  • Accountability for following up with customers.
  • Internet based process training and centralized Business Development Center.
  • Customized scripts for phone calls.
  • Automatically following-up with the customers as per schedule via messages and emails.
  • Schedules for following –up with both sold and unsold cases.
  • Following-up with both unsold and sold appointments.     

Internet Lead Mgmt Simple Auto CRM
P. O. Box 880615
Boca Raton, FL - 33488-0615

Phone: (954) 951-9513

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