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As your business grows, more and more prospects walk through your lot. Using pen and paper to jot down customer information and make quick notes work, but they get misplaced more often than not. Also, it is simply impossible for a manager to have any kind of meaningful insight on what the sales team is doing if each one has their own pad they are making notes on.

In addition, you have no insight into the conversation with your sales team if the the customer walks in to your store on a day that specific sales person happens to be on their day off. You may be trying to sell them on something completly different than what they walked in the store for.

Implementing a central system to store all your information will help your sales team access to all customer specific information like emails, phones, interests, visits etc. Using this system you can cater to your prospects better and increase your conversion rates.

Using Simple Auto CRM you can also automate some of the customer follow up, saving you time and labor.
Internet Lead Mgmt Simple Auto CRM
P. O. Box 880615
Boca Raton, FL - 33488-0615

Phone: (954) 951-9513

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