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The dashboards available in Simple Auto CRM have been designed to keep the sales teams focused on their target with features such as maintaining appointments, daily schedule, reminder of daily tasks, and important alerts.

It is possible for the sales associates to schedule their appointments and tasks from within their profile. All the upcoming appointments and tasks can be seen at a glance from the dashboard schedule and calendar. 

Sales representatives can log in to Simple Auto CRM, and see their daily work schedule in their dashboard. This includes new leads, due tasks, appointments scheduled for the day. To help the representatives assess and evaluate their own performance, a snapshot of statistical figures related to sale is also available. 

Simple Auto CRM also offers a dashboard for the managers. This dashboard displays monthly and daily sales figures in real-time basis. Using this statistics, the managers can track the monthly and daily sales performance for groups as well as the individuals. This dashboard also helps them find out all their tasks and appointments. This dashboard keeps the managers abreast with how the team is adhering to their scheduled tasks and help them find out the grey areas within the process. This dashboard also has a feature that notifies the arrival of new e-leads. 
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P. O. Box 880615
Boca Raton, FL - 33488-0615

Phone: (954) 951-9513

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